We stand for plays on words, cool quotes, inventiveness, a Yes Man-mentality and hard work. But naturally there is more to it than just that. We are a team with a mission: get the world talking. With each other, with brands, with fans.

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Our brand values are central in everything we do,
so also in the way we work together.

Work hard and be great to work with.

We all feel like people from Rotterdam, even our colleagues from Brabant or Hilversum. This is due to our work ethic. We are not inferior of the dock workers when we have to perform and work hard.


To get the best results, we do not just accept anything we hear; we take everything with a pinch of salt. Sometimes one must be critical and ask the feared why-questions. Towards colleagues as well as clients. That is, for the better of the idea, as well as being respectful towards each other. Het team daagt ons altijd uit als onze richting niet de optimale oplossing is Fedor van Herpen, Eneco


Although some of us are in the business for over 15 years, it still feels as a hobby that got out of hand. We can honestly say that we truly enjoy what we do. The fun in our work makes sure that we are committed. This results in great work. In other words: playful about work, serious about results.

Shock and surprise

A little cheekiness is allowed. You do not have to be crazy every day, because as soon as there is rhythm, it becomes normal. You have to be striking when nobody expects it. The reactions will be better. Na hun presentatie hier op kantoor hebben we niet eens verder gezocht Maaike Brink, Iittala

Stay Guilty

We don’t ever really grow up, no matter what the candles on the cake tell us. We are playful. It’s in our nature.


We don’t do it for the awards and bottles of champagne, but for the clients, the users, and of course for ourselves. However, at times we still win an award here and there.

  • Esprix Award 2014 – Eneco Express, Corporate, Nominatie
  • Dutch Interactive Award 2014 – Eneco Express, Corporate, Nominatie
  • Nima Internal Branding award 2014 – Eneco Express, Brons
  • Debestesocialmedia award 2014 – De beste inhaker Hema, Nominatie
  • Esprix Award 2013 – Categorie Retail HEMA Broodje, Brons
  • Webby honnoree 2013 – Categorie Social promotions HEMA Broodje
  • Webby honnoree 2013 – Categorie Food & Beverages HEMA Broodje
  • Esprix Award 2011 - Categorie Retail HEMA Bonkies, Goud
  • Spinawards 2011 - Best Gaming Concept HEMA Bonkies, Zilver
  • DIA 2011 - Best Campagne HEMA Spieken, HEMA, Winner
  • Spinawards 2011 - Best Website Concept HEMA Bonkies, Nominatie
  • Spinawards 2011 - Best Online Concept HEMA Spieken, Nominatie
  • DIA 2011 - Best Recruitment Werken bij Heineken, Heineken Nederland, Nominatie
  • Grand Prix Webcommunicatie 2009 -, Vrumona
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