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    Online strategy (on one sheet of paper)

    The digital world offers little room for nonsense. Making clear choices is important as well as necessary. An online strategy is becoming more important for the success of organizations. Knowing what online means and which role it plays, helps you to become and stay successful. GuiltyPeople helps you in making choices by defining a clear strategy. What should you do and what should you not do? There is a lot of thinking involved, but there is not a big pile of documents. With our method, we are able to put a complete plan on one sheet of paper.

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    Online branding & campagnes

    The right integration of online and offline activities strengthens the experience of your brand. It activates and stimulates. A strong brand is no longer the ownership of the brand by you, but of the users which, as ambassadors, sell your brand. Every campaign needs to have added value for the consumer, as well as trigger a reaction.

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    E-commerce design

    We create positive user experiences wherein the customer journey is central. Our design philosophy, which revolves around the needs of the user, is the key to all our decisions that are made in the design process. How is it supposed to work? How is it supposed to look? How is the information presented? The goal is to simplify the journey of the user and to make it an adventure.

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    We translate our design into code and bring our ideas to life. Next to the development of websites, we create Facebook applications, mobile applications and addictive games. With simple-to-use open source, we are able to tailor it to one’s needs and wishes. And if needed, we can build a completely customized system.


With the help of this model, we start every project with a solid base so that we can come to successful results.

Before you speak, listen
Create the vision and set the foundation
Map your course, set milestones
Assemble the best content, design and technology
Spark activity, grow your network
Keep listening, learning, growing